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MERMEC returns with great enthusiasm after a two-year absence from AusRAIL PLUS, which is the most important event for the railway industry in Australia.
The company reinforces its business strategy in Australia with investments to enhance its resources and technological infrastructure in partnership with universities and research centers.

Sydney, March 1, 2022, MERMEC, a company specialized in advanced technologies for rail transport and a part of Gruppo Angel, which develops solutions for the rail, digital mechatronics, and aerospace sectors, is among those present at AusRAIL PLUS (stand 187) in Sydney until March 2, 2022. MERMEC will present the latest innovative solutions in the fields of diagnostics and maintenance engineering.
After having strengthened its presence in Australia through the expansion of the Sydney office and the opening of a new branch in Melbourne, MERMEC continues with its long-standing investment and growth plan, becoming a driver for the employment of young Australian professionals and spreading the best practices, know-how and excellence of Italian innovation, through the start of collaborations with the main university poles for the research and development of high technology.

“Australia represents a strategic and high-potential market for MERMEC” – said Angelo Petrosillo, VP of MERMEC – “For this reason, despite the last two difficult years, we have turned the crisis into an opportunity, expanding our presence in Australia and starting a path of innovation in the railway diagnostics, signaling, and telecommunications sector. The long-term sustainable objective, in the environmental, social, and economic aspects, is to continue on this path: investing in new resources, in their training, and importing a new business model in Australia that is aimed at increasing the quality and safety of Australian rail and metropolitan transport”.

“This year, at AusRAIL PLUS, we are delighted to be joined by our Italian executive team, after the long break caused by the pandemic” – added Jamie Ibrahim, General Manager of MERMEC Australia – “During this event, we were had a firsthand opportunity to reconnect with our business partners and discuss future innovations and developments to continue providing for our clients’ needs. Our Australian operations are a strategic feature for the diagnostic vehicles industry, wayside inspection systems, and asset management platforms operating across the government and private sector operations. In recent years, we have expanded our operations to extend throughout Australia, investing in greater resources, facilities, and equipment as well as exploring university partnerships in high-tech research and development. We look forward to restarting the conversations and opportunities that were put on hold by the pandemic and increasing our foothold of excellence in this region”.