We are the largest privately-owned space company in Italy. We offer a diversified portfolio of turn-key solutions facilitating the access to space services and applications to our customers. We design and manufacture small satellites platforms (up to 200 kg S/C mass), advanced propulsion systems for spacecraft (all electric and chemical), instruments and avionics (power, drive & control; data & communications; microelectronics; payloads), services and applications (mission analysis, earth observation); high-throughput satellite antenna.

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Reliable and pioneering developer of advanced technologies to monitor


Satellites, propulsion system, scientific instruments


Carbon-fiber aircrafts for leisure and pilots training

Payment Solutions

Retail automation, payment systems


Shared e-mobility, connected vehicle platforms


Leading-class measurement solutions for steel and other demanding industries

Cyber Security

Proactive assessment, adaptive protection, cyber-defence implementation

Surveying & Mapping

Topography, surveying, mapping, 3D modelling

Artificial Intelligence

Computational science, antenna & communication systems


Ultra-high-speed ground transportation system