We are known as a reliable and pioneering developer of advanced technologies to control, secure, make efficient and always available railway assets around the world since 1988. We are the leading supplier of digital solutions (measuring trains, optoelectronic systems, decision support software) used by the world’s railways to predict failures and to allow for 100% availability and safety of their assets. Railway business ‘s portfolio also includes signalling systems (ERTMS/ETCS, Multi-station Computer Based Interlocking, Centralized Traffic Control ), Electric Traction Solutions (Catenary Systems, Electric Substation, Power Supply and Photovoltaic Systems), Telecom Networks (GSM-R, Tetra, LTE, Wi-Fi, Fiber Optics) and Asset Digitalization Services (asset survey, data processing, 3D digital twin).

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Reliable and pioneering developer of advanced technologies to monitor


Satellites, propulsion system, scientific instruments


Carbon-fiber aircrafts for leisure and pilots training

Payment Solutions

Retail automation, payment systems


Shared e-mobility, connected vehicle platforms


Leading-class measurement solutions for steel and other demanding industries

Cyber Security

Proactive assessment, adaptive protection, cyber-defence implementation

Surveying & Mapping

Topography, surveying, mapping, 3D modelling

Artificial Intelligence

Computational science, antenna & communication systems


Ultra-high-speed ground transportation system