Product Assurance Manager

Title Product Assurance Manager
Categories Sitael SpA
Location Pisa (PI), Italy
Job Information

The successful applicant will demonstrate the following skills and experience:

  • Previous experience of minimum 3 years  in similar position in the Space industry;
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standards;
  • Good communication  skills, fluent English;
  • Knowledge of Product Assurance disciplines  for Space application, including  M&P, EEE parts, RHA and  RAMS;
  • Experience on  AIT of complex systems will be  greatly appreciated;

The key responsibilities are as follows:

  • Implementation of a Product Assurance plan on project basis;
  • Participation into design reviews and inspections point;
  • Ensuring that the quality requirements included within the Project Statement Of Work are taken into account;
  • Proactively seek to ensure that preventive actions are taken account of for known quality issues thus avoiding repetitive problems;
  • Negotiating with external Customers and suppliers regarding quality standards/requirements, waivers, deviations, etc.;
  • To act where necessary as a single point contact for the resolution of all quality matters and ensure the inputs of Materials Engineering, EEE parts and other specialist disciplines are taken account of;
  • Reviewing Company Standards and proposing changes where necessary to update working processes and to ensure that all equipment documents and drawings are signed by the relevant disciplines before signing and approving them for the configuration Control Board [CCB] to know they have been checked and approved by PA for all quality aspects;
  • To maintain within the project adequate records to ensure that easy reference is available for monitoring past and present procedural or technical problems;
  • To undertake  audits which assess whether all quality requirements have been addressed and have been (or planned to be) incorporated into the design solution. Random project/product audits will also be conducted to establish optimization of processes and systems;
  • Support to all  disciplines in the creation of suitable, useful metrics, to measure effectiveness and to form a basis of improvement activities;
  • Participating into Non Conformance Review Boards [NRB] and addressing the curative and corrective actions required.
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