Process Engineer Industrial

Title Process Engineer Industrial
Categories Sitael SpA
Location Mola di Bari, Italy
Job Information

The Process Engineer operates in the production activities related to electronic boards and equipments for the Industrial BU, with the responsibility for the definition of production processes, the relevant cycle times and collaborating with the Supply Chain Manager for the maximization and control of efficiency in manufacturing activities.
Works in coordination with the SCM and in accordance with company procedures, for the achievement of the objectives assigned to him, pursuing optimal levels of effectiveness and efficiency. He is the technical reference for manufacturing activities.

The main tasks will be:

  • Analyzes the Manufacturing Data Package (MDP) of the Products;
  • Defines the Manufacturing flow chart (MFC) including control plans, verifying the suitability for use in the manufacturing process of documents and equipment referred by it;
  • Perform analysis of the MDP for estimating the cycle times for the manufacturing of new products;
  • Manages the database of products cycle times;
  • Supports Master Planner and/ord Project Manager during the reviews with the customers concerning Manufacturing activities;
  • Checks the efficiency of production activities; records and analyzes deviations between actual times and standard times in order to remove the causes; reports on SCM;
  • It is responsible for maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of activities and in the use of the equipments, proposing and supervising the implementation of tools to monitor these parameters, as well as studying and implementing techniques and methods of carrying out activities that reduce time and errors;
  • In the offer phase he defines the time required for the realization of the machine programs, the set-up of the machines and the tac-time of production and testing, moreover he supplies every other element useful for estimating the manufacturing cost;
  • Supports the Manufacturing Manager Industrial (MMI);
  • Identifies suppliers of consumables, machineries and equipments;
  • Is involved in solving problems that arise during production and supports the Product Assurance for the analysis of Non-conformities;
  • Provides support for troubleshooting activities on deffective products;
  • Starts the procurement, in coordination with the Sourcing Office, of screen printing frames and equipments necessary for production, in a time frame compatible with the production plan;
  • Collaborates with people who in charge of defining machinery maintenance plans, aimed at preserving the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipments and to reduce the risk of blocking the production line;
  • Supervises the execution of these plans and reports to SCM on the state of maintenance of machines and equipment, and on risks connected to maintaining the state of effectiveness and efficiency of the production equipments;
  • Defines, in coordination with PCB Design, the paneling of printed circuit boards with the goal of optimizing assembly times;
  • Supports design team in the selection of components and Design For Manufacturing (DFM) activities;
  • Prepares a prototyping report for each new products introduced in the production and shares relevant information with the design team in order to improve product;
  • Coordinates the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase, both for in-house manufacturing and for manufacturing activities executed in other plants, located in Italy or abroad;
  • Is actively involved, in cooperation with Product Assurance, during the First Article Inspection (FAI) ativities, and collects reports related to FAI;
  • Supports SCM, Sourcing Office in the slection of EMS suppliers, in the definition of related RFQs and provides technical support in the interface with the supplier;
  • Supports Quality for the qualification phase of EMS suppliers, taking part at supplier audits.

It is required:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Electronic Engineer;
  • Proven experience in similar role within companies involved in the manufacturing of electronic boards and equipments.
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