Perito elettrico/elettronico/informatica/telecomunicazioni

Title Perito elettrico/elettronico/informatica/telecomunicazioni
Categories Sitael SpA
Start Date 2019-07-01
End Date 2019-12-31
Location Mola Di Bari
Job Information

• Expert in Industrial Technology with Electronic Electronics Telecommunications;
• Knowledge Office Package (Word/Excel/PPT);
• Knowledge of programming language C++/Visual Studio (Mandatory in case of computer expert);
• Knowledge matlab/simulink/labview;
• Ability to read electrical diagrams (Mandatory in the case of electrical expert);
• Ability to use laboratory instrumentation;
• Knowledge of English.

Shall be preferential characteristics:
• Have carried out extra-school activities of a technical nature for personal purposes only:
o Rasberry PI/Arduino programming;
o Realization of amateur electronic cards;
o Web site design.

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