Head of Planning & Controlling Office

Title Head of Planning & Controlling Office
Categories Sitael SpA
Location Mola di Bari, Italy
Job Information

The Head of Planning & Controlling Office (PCO) shall ensure a correct and objective representation of the main company dynamics in the domain of time, looking with the appropriate focus at both deadlines and direct costs. The aim is ensuring proper scheduling, compliance with deadlines and support in the definition phase of both medium and long-term strategies, policies and objectives.
In order to achieve those purposes, the Head of PCO interacts with all the departments and actors involved in the design/development activities, hence, from a wider point of view, all those who have to work on activities with related deadlines.
The Head of PCO coordinates a team of Project Planner & Controller (PPC) – involved in the company projects as Project Manager staff – sharing with them both the approach and best-practices in order to aggregate useful information to report to the BU Manager.
As Head of the Office, he/she works with analysis and reporting tools for monitoring both the effort of each department and the entire scheduling of the company portfolio. The aim is to build both planning scenarios and potential-development reports in order to define feasible schedules to ensure compliance with deadlines by notifying progress alerts, critical paths and project milestones.


  • Monitoring and reporting critical issues about schedules of departments, divisions and project tasks
  • Ensuring a correct and coherent reppresentation of scheduling information
  • Provide proper evidences about project plans, resources allocation and milestones
  • As for its competence, guarantee a data-driven, transparent, effective and efficient communication between different departments Coordination of necessary activities for the correct balancing of workload planned
  • Provide simulation to: report real problems, risks, critical issues related to scheduling and / or budget-hours allocated; obtain congruent time schedules with the project milestonesprovide evidences about manpower effort
  • check times – expected and real – for each task and report any discrepancies detectedManaging and coordination of Project Planner & Controller team
  • Sketch out and share, internally to the company, operative uniform and transversal procedures among application areas of single project that ensure what is required

Required skills

  • Degree in Management Engineering, Information Engineering, Informatics or equivalent
  • Good written and oral communication skill
  • Good ability in dialogue, interfacing and cooperation
  • Leadership and good skill in managing and supervising a team
  • Good Problem–Solving skill
  • Good analytical and reporting skill
  • Good ability in planning and work organization Good ability working independently and in team
  • Good competency with Microsoft Office programmes
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