Head of Flight Test Integrated Team

Title Head of Flight Test Integrated Team
Categories Blackshape SpA
Location Monopoli, Italy
Job Information

The Head of Flight Test Integrated Team is a flight test engineer having an amount of experience and training commensurate with the responsibilities and tasks assigned to him.
To be appointed he is required to have covered an analogue role in other aviation organisation or have got at least 5 years’ experience as FTE involved in experimental activities. The person appointed as HFTIT holds an authorisation released by the company detailing his terms of reference.

The main tasks will be

  • Authorize the flight test activities on the basis of the “Ready to fly” document released by the Flight Line Department
  • Approve the Flight Test Cards and flight test orders
  • Report to the HDO for acceptance of the open flight discrepancies (when he is not in condition to assess them in relation to the flight test programme) and for any deferring authorization, by providing to DO the relevant Debrief Note and Flight Readiness Sheet, requiring HDO to authorize the tests, if the discrepancies are acceptable, signing the Flight Readiness Sheet
  • Report to the HDO and HOoA any occurrences
  • Approve the flight test orders
  • Monitor the implementation of any action established to mitigate risks before approving the flight test order and test readiness sheet
  • Manage the test activities to be performed on ground and in flight
  • Monitor that the Aircraft Logbook is maintained updated and filled with all the date required in the logbook itself
  • Report to the HDO any defect not addressable in the context of maintenance practices and procedures. Such notes are reported as “Open defects” in the logbook awaiting DO actions
  • Maintain the communication with the Test Pilot (Test Conductor)
  • Monitor the activities to take any decisions, as necessary, regarding the flight activities
  • Take notes of the communications with the Pilot. These notes will be used to elaborate the FTI parameters.
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