Back-End Programmer

Title Back-End Programmer
Categories Sitael SpA
Location Mola di Bari (BA), Italy
Job Information

The Back End Programmer is responsible of:

• Architecture design of back-end software
• Back-end infrastructure sizing
• Product code performance
• Estimate of software development time and costs


• Master’s degree in Computer Engineering or equivalent
• 3+ years experience as a Back-end Programmer
• Knowledge of sw development methodologies (both waterfall and agile)
• Knowledge of the main design patterns
• Knowledge of the 3 tier architectures
• Excellent knowledge of the http application protocol
• Knowledge of REST and SOAP web services
• 3+ years of experience in Java programming within J2EE projects
• Proven experience in using frameworks, such as Struts, Hibernate, JPA, Spring
• Excellent knowledge of relational database theory


• Knowledge of distributed architectures
• Knowledge of the fundamentals of project management
• Knowledge of the NoSQL database
• Knowledge of business intelligence tools

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