Vito Pertosa
Curriculum Vitae

Vito Pertosa was born in Monopoli (BA) on April 22nd 1959.
He is married with three children.

He has been appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro, an Italian honorary award to entrepeneurs who distinguished in italian economy and industry. He is founder of Angelo Investments, an investment fund specialized in investing in small medium enterprises in the high-technology sectors, such as electronics, software applications, biomedical and aeronautics.

He is president of the MERMEC Group, world leader in developing technological solutions for railway diagnostics and signaling.
He is board member of the Italian Space Agency (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana – ASI). He is also CEO of the consortium Sud Space (aerospace), Chief Executive of the consortium 2M CLIV (industrial automation), controlling shareholder of real estate companies, financial and hi-tech companies operating in the microelectronics and information technologies sectors.

In the past he has been member of the national technical committee for research and innovation of Confindustria and Member of evaluation committee of the National Institute for Metrological Research. Nowadays is expert of the Ministry of University and Research and of the economical development ministry.
Currently he is also regent acting as censor of the subsidiary of the Italy’s Central Bank in Bari and member of the SAP Advisory National Council.

Moreover he has been chairman of the Board of IMAGEMAP Inc. – Columbia, South Carolina, USA -, CEO of Centro Laser (Scientific Research), Vice President of the Scientific and Technological Center of Tecnopolis of Valenzano, Vice President of the research consortium Procomp, Chief Executive of ITEL Italy (generators manufacturer).

He holds patents in the electronics sector and he is responsible for several European, National and Regional Research Projects.

He received numerous awards in innovation, including the Prism Award for Photonics 2011 by the "International Society for Optics and Photonics - SPIE," “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by Ernst & Young in 2009, the “Italian Award of the Mechatronics” in 2008, the “Companies for Innovation Award” of Confindustria in 2008 and 2006.

  Vito Pertosa